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G-Research FSharp Analyzers

A curated set of Ionide SDK analyzers for F#. These are based on real-world production scenarios encountered within G-Research.


Install the fsharp-analyzers local dotnet tool.

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Add the FSharp.Analyzers.Build:

<PackageReference Include="FSharp.Analyzers.Build" Version="0.2.0">

And the G-Research.FSharp.Analyzers:

<PackageReference Include="G-Research.FSharp.Analyzers" Version="0.10.0">

Include the following MSBuild property:

    <FSharpAnalyzersOtherFlags>--analyzers-path &quot;$(PkgG-Research_FSharp_Analyzers)/analyzers/dotnet/fs&quot;</FSharpAnalyzersOtherFlags>

And invoke:

dotnet msbuild /t:AnalyzeFSharpProject

from the command line.

Further reading

To learn more about Ionide F# analyzers, you can read the official Getting started guide.

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Multiple items
namespace FSharp

namespace Microsoft.FSharp
namespace FSharp.Analyzers
namespace FSharp.Analyzers.SDK
module Utils from FSharp.Analyzers.SDK
val currentFSharpAnalyzersSDKVersion: System.Version
val v: System.Version
property System.Version.Major: int with get
<summary>Gets the value of the major component of the version number for the current <see cref="T:System.Version" /> object.</summary>
<returns>The major version number.</returns>
val typeof<'T> : System.Type
namespace GR
namespace GR.FSharp
namespace GR.FSharp.Analyzers
module TypeAnnotateStringFunctionAnalyzer from GR.FSharp.Analyzers
type StringApplicationResult = | NoTypeArgument | TypeArgument | Unsure of string member IsNoTypeArgument: bool member IsTypeArgument: bool member IsUnsure: bool

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